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Words Women Love

Have emojis and sexting driven away the soulful wordplay of lovers?

Words Women Love is written for men struggling to express how they feel. Personal experiences offer sound relationship advise and messages to learn by. Confident command of words that create a sense of anticipation, excitement and inspiration in a relationship are truly a gift.

Bill Scheltema​​

"How can a man be himself
​If he doesn't know who he is?"

your personal life coach

I  am an author, coach & speaker and I help men find clarity and direction, so that they may become the men of greatness they were born to be!

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5 Steps to Change.

A guide to self examination

Self questioning is a powerful way to undersand youself.
When you make this a habit in your life you will find a dynamic shift in how you percieve yourself and those aound you.
Self discovery is the most exciting journey you could ever take.


Inspire me!

A 30 Day journey of "Life" provoking questions

Questions are a great way to think inward.
I have put together 30 days of thought provoking questions surrounding Life, men, women and relationships. Each page with a memorable image to help you visualize your thought and question. Very powerful!


Word's Women Love

A man's guide to romantic prose and how to communicate on a new level

Now Available!
More than sexting or simple texting.
A relationship guide with an inspirational message for couples and singles.

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