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Words Women Love

Have emojis and sexting driven away the soulful wordplay of lovers?

Words Women Love is written for men struggling to express how they feel. Personal experiences offer sound relationship advise and messages to learn by. Confident command of words that create a sense of anticipation, excitement and inspiration in a relationship are truly a gift.

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Being single is OK!
Don't be so quick to run into the next relationship. This is your opportunity to heal and learn to sell love. I help men and women understand what the heck happened and what is the your next step.
It's great when you have found your best friend and lover. There is always work to do and finding the answers on your own isn't easy. You need insight and a new set of eyes to see whats going on.  I help couples work through communicaion and intimacy issues, helping bring back the spark!
So, your ready to date but you got burnt before and that isn't going to happen again. Odd texting behaviors and no shows, drive you cray. Where are the normal guys or decent women? Lets talk about that.
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